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Michael O’Hagan passed away on Nov 1st 2017. He is greatly missed and these performances are dedicated to him, in his memory. R.I.P.
SALEM K Theatre Company & “Miami Radio Players Present
Sponsored by the Surfside Community Centre Address: 9301 Collins Avenue Surfside, FL 33154 Web Link: MRP at the Surfside Community Centre
Brew a warm drink of your favorite beverage. Sit back, relax and enjoy an adventurous getaway with the Miami Radio Players.
One of the original Miami Radio Players, Madeline Kern sadly passed away during 2022. A lady with a wonderful personality and singing voice. She will be greatly missed. R.I.P
NEW for 2024 For your listening pleasure four brand new audio plays from the talented MIAMI RADIO PLAYERS Dear Old Friends - It’s Just Coffee The Card - Welcome To Hong Kong ALL are free to listen to via Our Audio Plays button above. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts. the MIAMI RADIO PLAYERS