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Here   at   the   home   of   the   Miami   Radio   Players   you   can   listen   (free)   to   Shoreside   an   original radio   comedy   penned   by   Writer   /   Director   and   celebrated   British   actor   Mr.   Michael   O'Hagan and actress / producer Pamela Salem. Shoreside,   a   town   somewhere   on   Miami   Beach,   where   a   British   couple   and   their   dog   have settled and discovered “Paradise” with its colorful characters and ongoing comic adventures. Shoreside   in   5   audio   comedy   episodes   plus   Shoreside   Comic   Shorts.   Performed   by The   Miami Radio   Players   a   group   of   professional   actors   based   in   Miami,   Florida,   adding   a   21st   Century twist   to   the   "live   radio   play"   format   made   popular   in   the   heyday   of   radio,   during   the   1920's   and 30's.
"BACK AGAIN BY POPULAR DEMAND The   Miami   Radio   Players   performed   3   more exciting   episodes   of   their   live   radio   comedy serial   SHORESIDE ,   THE   SEQUEL ,   written by    Michael    O’Hagan    and    Pamela    Salem, plus   a   SHORESIDE   COMIC   SHORT,   written by   Barbara   Fox,   on   Sunday,   4th   March   2018, at    the    Surfside    Community    Centre,    Miami Beach.
We are sad to say that Michael O’Hagan passed away on Nov.1st. 2017.  He is greatly missed and these performances are dedicated to him, in his memory. R.I.P.
The Miami Radio Players rehearsing and performing Shoreside.
The   show   was   sponsored   by   the   Surfside   Tourist   Board   and   is   in   Loving   Memory   of   Michael O’Hagan. We have have great news! The publication of our (free) radiocasts are as follows:- Sunday 1st July - SHORESIDE, THE SEQUEL episode 7 Sunday 24th June - SHORESIDE, THE SEQUEL episode 6 Sunday 17th June - SHORESIDE COMIC SHORT Please   keep   revisiting   our   site   for   more   information   or   send   us   your   email   address   to   be added to our mailing list so we can keep you fully up to date with all the news. mrp@miami-radio-players.com
Running time 21 minutes
Shoreside, The Sequel, episode 6
Shoreside Comic Short - Girls Day Out
Running time 14 minutes
Running time 15 minutes
Shoreside, The Sequel, episode 7
Running time 12 minutes
Shoreside, The Sequel, episode 8
Sunday 8th July - SHORESIDE, THE SEQUEL episode 8