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Here at the home of the Miami Radio Players you can listen (free) to Shoreside an original radio comedy penned by Writer / Director and celebrated British actor Mr. Michael O'Hagan and actress / producer Pamela Salem. Shoreside episodes plus Shoreside Comic Shorts are Performed by The Miami Radio Players a group of professional actors based in Miami, Florida, adding a 21st Century twist to the "live radio play" format made popular in the heyday of radio, during the 1920's and 30's.
Michael O’Hagan passed away on Nov 1st 2017. He is greatly missed and these performances are dedicated to him, in his memory. R.I.P.
SALEM K Theatre Company & “Miami Radio Players Present
2020, 2021 and 2022 have been phenomenally difficult years for many people around the world. The Miami Radio Players are here to bring cheerfulness during the current bleak times. During 2020 they produced seven new plays/comedies for you to sit back, relax and enjoy. More is to come in 2023. All are free to listen to. Click on the link above 'Our Audio Plays' and select your listening pleasure. We send our love and well wishes to everyone during these unprecedented and uncertain times.
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Brew a warm drink of your favorite beverage. Sit back, relax and enjoy an adventurous getaway with the Miami Radio Players.
Shoreside, a town somewhere on Miami Beach, where a British couple and their dog have settled and discovered “Paradise” with its colorful characters and ongoing comic adventures.
[Sung to the tune of "Cabaret”] Covid is Here To Stay by Mitchell Berkman What good is sitting alone in your room, when Covid is here to stay? Life is a Cabaret old chum, so uncork a Cabernet! Take off your mask and just whistle a tune, your lipstick is on to stay. Life as a Pfizer lab rat sucks, but it’s why you’re here today. Can’t taste the wine, can’t smell my hand. Can’t blow a horn let alone breathe deeply, Long- term Covid symptoms' beat me. My only profit's a prophet of doom that wiped out my 401-k. No sipping Cabernet old chum, ‘cuz Covid is here to stay! I used to go to concerts and see movies, and kiss both cheeks at hello’s and tutaloo-zies. I wasn’t what you’d call a social climber. As a matter of fact I’m stuck in my recliner. So many have died the neighborhood’s half empty. The G-d damn vaccines were going to prevent these. But the anti-vaxed overtook my TV screen. Mocking every corpse that ever had a dream. I think of friends departed no longer here today. If they had survived I’m sure that they would say. What good is sitting all alone in your room? Go OUTSIDE to eat or play. A night at a Cabaret is fun, but Covid is here to stay! And as for me, hah, still Covid free. I made my mind up back in lock-down, when it’s done...I’m not going to back down! Until each schmuck that thinks Covid’s a scam, is vaxed, masked, then locked away! Life is a Cabernet old chum, or maybe a Chardonnay old chum. And I love a Cabaret! Mitchell Berkman mitchell.berkman@gmail.com
One of the original Miami Radio Players, Madeline Kern sadly passed away during 2022. A lady with a wonderful personality and singing voice. She will be greatly missed. R.I.P