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"Lola's" follows the crazy antics and goings on at a hair and beauty salon in the fictitious town of Shoreside on Miami Beach. Lola’s Hair Salon - Where your curls & customs dyes are our speciality
Lola’s Hair Salon
Lola’s Hair Salon by Mitchell Berkman
Running time 19.5 minutes
OUR PROPRIETOR Lola del Mar - Salon Owner…..Richard Haylor OUR STYLIST Fabreece - Cuts & Colors…..Paul Froehler OUR NAIL CARE Li Lee - Nail Technician…..Mitchell Berkman OUR STAFF Maria Lopez - Receptionist…..Luchi Estevez ANSWERING MACHINE…..Pamela Salem OUR FACIALIST Svetlana Muskovaskaya…..Vanessa McCaffrey OUR CLIENTELE Peggy Newton - 1st Customer…..Madeline Kern Bunny Burnstein - 2nd Customer…..Ellen Wacher Tom - 3rd Customer…..Robert Lyle
OUR THANKS TO Madeline Kern for singing our theme song Robert Lyle for being our announcer Michael O’Hagan for Directing Jorge Orozco for providing the audio The Town of Surfside, Florida The Miami Radio Players’ supporters