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Michael O’Hagan 1941 - 2017 It   is   with   great   sadness   that   we   announce   the   passing   of Michael during November 2017. Michael was the co-founder of the Miami Radio Players. Michael   O’Hagan   was   born   in   Dublin,   Ireland.   He   trained at   the   Birmingham   Theatre   School   in   England   and   has had   a   long   and   busy   career   spanning   40   years   as   a professional   actor,   director,   script   writer   and   teacher.   He started   in   repertory   theatre   in   Birmingham   and   Scotland and   then   moved   to   London   where   he   has   appeared   at such    theatres    as    the    National,    in    Peter    Gill’s    "The Murderers",   the   Young   Vic   in   Corialanus,   the   Whitehall   in Chekhov’s   Three   Sisters,   the   Bush   in   numerous   plays, and    Billy    Roche’s    award-winning    trilogy    The    Wexford Trilogy   at   the   Tricycle   in   London   and   the   Abbey   Theatre, Dublin.   He   also   appeared   at   the   Tricycle,   London,   in   the highly    acclaimed    “John    Bull’s    Other    Island”,    and    in “Bloody   Sunday”,   directed   by   Nick   Kent,   which   won   the Lawrence   Olivier Award.   He   appeared   at   the Arcola   Theatre,   London,   in   the   new   translation   of   Lorca’s “When   Five   Years   Pass”   and   at   the   Shakespeare   Globe   Playhouse,   London   in   “Othello”.   and   “Romeo and Juliet” . In   America   he   has   appeared   in   Joey   Tillinger’s   production   of   "Paddywack"   at   the   Long   Wharf,   New Haven   and   in   the   premiere   of   New   England   at   the   South   Coast   Rep.,   Costa   Mesa,   for   which   he received   a   Dramalogue   Award,   then   in   his   own   ‘Pick   of   The   Week’   production   of   Pinter’s   "The   Dumb Waiter" together with Derrick O’Connor, at the Write Act Theatre, Los Angeles. He   appeared   in   Brian   Friel’s   "Dancing   At   Lughnasa"   at   The   Rubicon   Theatre,   Ventura,   followed   by another   ‘Pick   of   the   Week’   with   Susan   Clark   at   LA’s   Matrix   Theater   in   David   Payne’s   hit,   "The   Body"   by Nick   Clarke.   He   then   appeared   in   Billy   Roche’s   “Poor   Beast   in   the   Rain”   in   the   Salem   K   Theatre season   at   the   Matrix,   a   series   of   three   West   Coast   premieres,   sponsored   by   Rajen   and   Nina   Kilachand and   produced   and   run   by   him,   with   his   wife,   actress   Pamela   Salem.   He   appeared   in   Billy   Roche’s production   "Lay   Me   Down   Softly",   at   The   Wexford   Arts   Centre,   Dublin,   and   the   Tricycle   Theatre, London.   Most   recently   he   appeared   in   Salem   K   Theatre's   production   of   "The   Dumb   Waiter"   alongside Richard Haylor at The Gleason Room, Miami Beach, directed by Patrick Dromgoole. Filmgoers   will   know   him   from   Arnold   Schwarzenegger’s   "End   of   Days",   the   Oscar   winning   film   "Gods and   Monsters",   "Speed   2",   "HBO’s   Havana’s"   Nocturne   with   Andy   Garcia,   "Dead   Man   on   Campus", Clint Eastwood’s "Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil", "Restoration" and "The Lodger". His   long   list   of   television   roles   include   The   Visitor,   Nightman,   Johnny   Harris   in   Eastenders,   Coronation Street, Darling Buds of May, Startrek Enterprise and the mini series for Hallmark, Marco Polo. Michael   lived   mostly   in   Miami   Beach,   with   his   wife   Pamela,   with   whom   he   produced   a   documentary   film for   Harlech   Television   on   the   Indian   Kite   flying   festival   Makar   Sankranti   called   Fish   in   The   Sky.   He   also co-wrote    a    radio    serial    "Shoreside"    with    Pamela,    for    their    radio    group    Miami    Radio    Players, www.miami-radio-players.com Majority of above text taken from: www.michaelohagan.net Site by: Lauri Booth